by Erin McMillen

Skills Include:

  • Fine Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Nature and Portrait Photographer
  • Business Owner
  • Glass Artist
  • Abundance of Creativity
  • Most importantly, a contributor to her community.​

About Erin...

"Artist" is the only title Erin has ever felt she has earned despite accomplishing a trip through business college, art college and many other endeavors.  She has always seen what others cannot in seemingly meaningless patterns and "mystery images", felt compelled to create on a regular basis and always expressed her feelings more through her art than any other way.

Like what you see?

View my portfolio and through it, part of my soul.


Seeing the unseen and bringing it to life is what Erin has a passion for.  It's like a game to coax the lives within the image outward.


Formally trained, purposely unlearned, keeping what she knew would help her grow and leaving the rest.  All of life adds to her art.


Learn techniques, develop unique visions and voice, express emotions through personal creations.  Bring emotion through the image.


No one else will see what she does in the seemingly meaningless "blanks" she begins with.  She believes without a unique voice, it is not art.